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Foto Filer was developed from the need to attach meaningful names to photos captured and then downloaded from digital cameras. There are a number of photo management products available, some offered by the camera manufacturers themselves, but  none provide a simple way to assign a name to a photograph. Any product that comes close, utilizes a proprietary software database limiting the ability to share a photo with someone on another computer. Foto Filer addresses this issue by providing an  inexpensive  solution that affords the digital photographer a  simple  and  fast  method of assigning meaningful names to digital photos that can be shared with anyone.

Besides providing an easy way to Name Photos, Foto Filer also provides the ability to create an unlimited number of non-proprietary albums in which the photos can quickly be stored and cataloged. Foto Filer also offers a number of tools that provide photo enhancement such as cropping, image rotation, red-eye reduction, and special viewing features like the ability to present a slide show of photos cataloged on the PC.


Click the DOWNLOAD tab on the left to get your free trial copy of Foto Filer.  Use the basic version of the software for as long as you like with no obligation. If at any point you wish to try the advanced version, you have the option of starting a   30 day FREE trial. There will be no commitment what so ever to purchase the software. If you do decide you like how Foto Filer can simplify your digital photography experience,  you can purchase a license for only  $19.


Foto Filer has received a 5 STAR Rating from several download web sites and received an EDITORS CHOICE award in November 2004!

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